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» » Steve Howe - Guitar Pieces in Tablature (Authentic Guitar-Tab)
Steve Howe - Guitar Pieces in Tablature (Authentic Guitar-Tab)

Steve Howe - Guitar Pieces in Tablature (Authentic Guitar-Tab)

Steve Howe
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Alfred Publishing (November 1, 1999)
(Guitar Recorded Versions). As the main guitarist for progressive rock super groups Yes and Asia and as a solo artist, Steve has not only proven himself to be a versatile virtuoso but he has also distinguished himself as a tasteful and creative musician. This folio captures some of Steve's most powerful and tasteful solo acoustic steel string and nylon string guitar solos as well as his immortal electric guitar solo on "Sound Chaser." The titles are: The Ancient * Clap * Diary of a Man Who Vanished * Meadow Rag * Mood for a Day * Ram * Sound Chaser * Surface Tension.
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7 Reviews
  • This seems to be a new edition (with tablature added this time) of a book I used to have. I immediately recognized Howe's introductory remarks about the pieces, and his inscription at the end of the book. Unfortunately the chief thing I remember about that older book is how many errors it contained. This new version is an improvement in some respects (the transcription of "Clap," in particular, is a good deal more accurate than I remember the old one being), but it is still positively riddled with errors.

    Most of the mistakes are incorrectly notated rhythms, which are sometimes not even close to what Steve actually plays. (In "The Ancient," having bungled an important rhythmic figure several times in a row, the transcriber gets it right on one occasion later in the piece, but then reverts to the earlier, incorrect version later on.) If you listen carefully to the recordings, these mistakes shouldn't cause you too much trouble. The notes, at least, are largely correct (actually there are some wrongs notes as well, but in most cases the corrections are obvious).

    This book isn't expensive and it's a decent starting point for learning this music, but the number of errors is pretty outrageous. Until something better comes along, though, it beats taking the time to transcribe these pieces yourself. Just keep the recorded versions handy.

  • I am only a TAB player, but this was clearly written and with practice, I've learnt the first 4 pages so far. Very pleased with the transcription!

  • This is an accurate transcription of some classic Steve Howe compositions that are challenging to play. I am a long time guitarist, but I don't get that much time to play since I'm now raising kids. That said, this is a great book with an excellent compiliation of songs - many of which are songs that serious acoustic and classical guitarists would recognize as being among those they have always wished they could play "some-day".

    I originally bought this book to refine my rendition of "Mood for a Day". I found that although all the tablature is accurate and complete - there are specific nuances to these complex songs that have been better captured by other authors - such as Jamie Andreas - who has a three part lesson which is a thourough treatise on MFAD.

    So, in summary, I would say this is a great offering and gave it 4 stars. However, when it comes to songs of high complexity - the tablature and music may not always be enough and there are other resources out there.

  • It was amazing to find some sheet music by the great Steve Howe. Maybe with a lifetime of practice, I'll begin to play this! Either way Steve is my favorite of all time!

  • Lots of good music to play.

  • Now that there are many videos available of Steve playing these pieces, it's easy to see how far off some of these transcriptions are. The fingerings Steve uses in reality are usually far more efficient with better tone than you will find in this tab book.

  • Learned" Mood For A Day" Back in 1975 and Now I can Play "Surface Tension" because of this Book! Great!