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Dog Run

Dog Run

Michael Crouser
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Studio; First Edition edition (October 2, 2008)
Photography and Video
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?I find that when I am in the dog runs, I am nearly invisible to my subjects. . . They play like little boys throwing one another down a hill on the school playground. They practice in their play what nature has said they must know. Dominance, defense, breeding and agility. And I am often nearly on top of the dogs in useful obscurity, making the first pictures of my life that actually make me laugh.? Internationally renowned photographer Michael Crouser captures the thrilling intensity of dogs at play in his collection of photographs called Dog Run. Crouser catches both rare and provocative moments?split seconds of intense play that give an intimate glimpse into the expressive personalities of his dynamic subjects. The photos were shot in neighborhood dog runs, where the dramatic action is all about dogs being dogs away from the influence of their masters. The stunning photos spotlight the candid interactions of the dogs?chasing, taunting, wrestling, flirting? displaying the energetic craziness that only emerges when dogs engage with other dogs. The result is a collection of unique images that are raucous, vaguely ferocious, hilarious, and even poignant?much like the dogs themselves. The book is composed of ninety black-and-white photographs and features an insightful foreword by poet Mark Doty. Michael Crouser?s Dog Run offers a surprising and revealing look at the very essence of dogs.
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6 Reviews
  • I confess to be biased about this book because my crazy border collie is the first dog pictured in the series. Even if she weren't in the book, I would still find the book interesting. What makes it unusual is that there are no photo captions. The photos speak for themselves. However, if you're looking for a "warm fuzzy" book about dogs, don't get this. These black-and-white photos show dogs in predatory/evasive mode--snarling, staring, whirling,jumping. My dog, for example, is in the famous herding crouch, obsessively fixing her "eye" on some "sheep" at the dog park, drool coming from the corner of her mouth. This book provides a sobering dose of reality for people who like to think of their dogs as children or toys. Dogs are fascinating animals, descended from packs of wild canines. Although some people obviously don't like to think of them as such, this book emphasizes this heritage.

  • Michael Crouser's work is superb regardless of the subject to which he applies his expertise. His uniquely sensitive work in "Dog Run" reveals the interaction of dogs in this dog park setting to be quasi-fierce, vigorous and not always full of grace as one might expect. It is beautiful, stirring, funny and overall very entertaining. Be sure to have a look at other work by Mr. Crouser! Outstanding!

  • Wonderful book showing real dogs at play in a dog park. Not sentimental or glamorized but showing a truthful story that is joyous and accurate.

  • I highly recommend Dog Run! It doesn't matter if you're a "dog person" or not--this is a great collection of strikingly detailed black-and-white photos. It has so many wonderful moments, with the subjects totally absorbed in a world that has nothing to do with humans--though many appear almost human in their postures and expressions (if one can use that word). Obviously a skilled photographer, Michael Crouser has captured dogs interacting in ways that are both child-like and warrior-like--and often comical, too. Some of the photographs are like portraits; others strike me almost as visual short stories. Some are as much about the composition as the subject matter, highlighting an interesting detail or pattern captured by the camera. All of them are extremely good, rich and absorbing. Dog Run is a great book!

  • Dog Run is by far one of the edgiest, most innovative collections of fine art dog photography I have ever come across. These are photographs of dogs being dogs when they think no one else is watching (or don't care). The raw intensity captured on the faces of these beloved pets as they interact with other canines is exquisite. Any dog owner or voyeur at a dog park has witnessed the same fleeting excitement, fear, and playfulness that Crouser has elegantly captured in this series.

  • Most of the pictures show extreme aggression and fear. Wonder how many animals were injured in the making of this book. Another example of human greed using animals for a profit. I have seen dogs freely at play plenty of times to know that this is not the usual dog play. They are obviously being enticed to be aggressive for the photographer. Not all pictures show violence but there are enough of them to just disgust me. Shame on you Mr.Cruiser.