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Caps for Sale

Caps for Sale

Esphyr Slobodkina
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4.9 of 5
Scholastic (October 1986)
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7 Reviews
  • I read the description for the Board Book edition of Caps for Sale and thought it was the original book. I was so excited to find Caps for Sale as a board book because it is my 3 year old daughter's favorite book and the paperback copy we have is not holding up well to daily use. As we read the board book, my daughter kept saying, "But, Mommy, that isn't how it goes!" After we read it one time, she told me it was trash and tried to throw it away. If you or your child loves the original version of this wonderful tale, do not buy the board book.

  • I adore this story, and this little board book got my son hooked on it as well - but as others have mentioned, it's abridged and lacks some of the familiar rhythm that makes the original story so great. Once my son stops trying to tear apart paper pages, we will definitely be switching to the original version.

  • My 2 year old loves this story and we read it often. The story is about a peddler who walks around town with all the caps on his head, trying to sell them. Since no one was buying them, he took a nap by a tree, only to discover that a bunch of mischievous monkeys had taken them and were imitating his angry actions. We act it out, the stamping, fist shaking, and "tsk tsk" sound, which makes it really fun to read. I really like the rhythmic pattern to the story and the predictability of it - my daughter loves to predict what the monkeys will do next. The illustrations are vintage and simple, which I really like because it's such a different style from all the newer kids books. I also use this book in my second grade class to recognize story elements (setting, plot, characters, etc.) and we act it out as well. Highly recommended and it's a classic!

  • I was so disappointed to get this book and discover that it's not the entire story! It's been abridged, even though no where is it noted in the advertisement that it's been abridged! We are so disappointed!!

  • Our 3-year-old grand daughter loves the stories on La-La’s iPad. I can always count on her to see the icon for “Caps for Sale” and put her little finger on it. She loves to repeat his call as he walks down the streets, and she waits to giggle at the monkeys when they mimic the peddler. This book ranks among her favorites. Often, when we finish, she begs, “Read it again, La-La! Again!”

  • Love this book. I read it when I was little and enjoy reading it now to my boys. My son has asked me to read it at east twice a day since he got it, he loves when we get to the part about the monkeys.

  • I read this to all three of my children growing up and now am reading it to a grandchild. Had to buy her her own copy. My 40 year old copy is a little worse for wear, but still dear. It helps to be a bit of a thespian while reading it though. Ha.

  • My sisters and I loved this growing up, and my own children enjoyed the antics I used when reading it to them... now it's on to the grandchildren shaking fists and stomping their feet at the monkeys along with the reading. Good memories! And... Few of my acquaintances are familiar with this book so no worries about duplication in gift-giving!