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The Pushcart War

The Pushcart War

Ronni Solbert,Jean Merrill
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4.5 of 5
Perfection Learning (May 1, 1987)
Geography and Cultures
The outbreak of a war between truck drivers and pushcart peddlers brings the mounting problems of traffic to the attention of both the city of New York and the world.
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7 Reviews
  • Frank the Flower, Morris the Florist and many of the their pushcart-owning friends on the streets of New York City are being grazed, nudged, and even smashed as the trucks take up more and more of the streets. A mayor who favors the shady Big Three trucking company owners won't do anything, so the peddlers and Maxie Hammerman, the Pushcart King, decide they must fight back themselves.

    Note: early versions of this book set the time frame of The Pushcart War as being years after the book was written, but being told as if in the past. I'm assuming that as time went on, they continued to change the years, as the latest version I have seen lists a more recent decade than the 1970s for when the war took place. I find it a little harder to place this in current-day Manhattan, so I would rather have seen an explanation in the front of the book and kept the dates of the war the same as originally written. I'd take off a small fraction of a star for that.

    Loved reading this in grade school. My husband and middle-school daughter loved it when we read it aloud years ago, and I recently introduced and adult friend to it who like it as well.

  • Subtle expression of community organizing against powerful bullies. Well written - it pulls you through, all the way to the end.
    I bought it for my gifted (and extraordinarily beautiful, of course) pre- or early-teen grandchildren, but found myself having to
    read it first. So they didn't get it for Christmas. But I'll try to get them into it in the next month or two, whenever a teachable
    moment comes along.

  • This is an excellent book for a young person. It is thought provoking and fantastic for discussions. It also transports a child back to a time when trucks were a new thing and pushcarts made up retail life, something hard for them to fathom. The characters are varied, a little crazy and fun, and the story include emotional attachment to ideas and politics.

  • It is pretty funny to watch an adult belly laugh and cry while reading a children's book, this is one of those books. If you read it as a child, you will learn about some of the inner workings of politics, about organizing against a bigger foe, and about how public opinion gets swayed and manipulated.

    If you are beyond the age of twelve and reading this book, you get a pretty good picture of old New York City. You will also notice that many (if not all) the characters that play significant parts in the Pushcart REVOLUTION (yeah, I bet that's what the author really wanted to name this book) belong to various minority groups - the only hint might be their names or the way they form certain phrases in dialogue, but if you look for it, it is there. Of course, whoever lived in NYC during that time knows from experience that most of the pushcart vendors were immigrants or somehow different from the majority, so it won't come as a surprise; but Jean Merrill works it in artfully, without being obvious.

    This is a book that I enjoy rereading every few years.

  • I wish that the dates were not changed. I read this book as a child the first time in 1975 a year before it was to take place and I though that I was seeing into the future. Although when I just read it with my eight year old daughter to her with the new dates it didn't feel like looking to the future , but looking back to the time of my youth. I is a humorous read that should be shared with your child

  • A relative introduced me to this book when I was young and on rereading it twenty years later, it is still a charming story full of humor and whimsy. I recommend this story to children and adults alike, both as a gentle satire on wars in general and a fun romp through the streets of old New York and the heyday of pushcarts.

  • This is a great book my 4th grade teacher read to the class long ago. Fantastic. Bought the book for a brother and sister friends of the family. I was surprised at how short the book actually is. The price, steep. If those kids enjoy the book the way my class did, worth it.

  • This is my latest favorite! I read it to myself and then out loud to some of my friends and i laughed just as hard the second time. The dialogue and actions of the pushcart owners and truck drivers is well written and original. And the suspense is super. Even though the favorites win in the end you are kept guessing right to the end. Although it is fiction,it is realistic enough that it made me feel like doing some research! The plot is an exciting contest between truckdrivers and their trucks( they are too many and too big)and the pushcarts owners and their carts who are harmless and small. I would advise teachers to read it to their classes and parents to their children.