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» » One Hundred and One Dalmatians
One Hundred and One Dalmatians

One Hundred and One Dalmatians

Dodie Smith
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Avon Books (January 1, 1982)
Pogo's canine friends help him to scour the countryside for his fifteen kidnapped puppies.
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7 Reviews
  • I have loved this book since I was a child. I purchased the Kindle version to read to my children recently, and I was dismayed at the obvious lack of editing for this digital edition. Based on the mistakes in spelling and case, punctuation, etc., it is clear that this book was scanned with some sort of OCR conversion, but no one ever bothered to read through the digital book to edit it. If this were a free version, like other classics have been, that would be one thing, but I expect actual editing when I pay for a book. Find a different digital edition if you can; I was not able to find a digitization of the paperback edition I remember as a child.

    In addition, the illustrations with this edition (which I assume are from the printed edition) are not nearly as good as the illustrations from another edition which is much more difficult to find. I really didn't like these illustrations at all.

  • This is the original Dodie Smith story, and it's great, and the physical book is attractive well laid out; but this edition lacks any illustrations. The Grahme-Johnstone illustrations in the Avon Camelot edition (first printing 1967) are terrific and make the book much more interesting to children. There are several b&w pictures in each chapter, and they capture the spirit of the story very well.

  • I read this book for the first time when I was a Sophmore in High School! I don't know how many times I've read it since then but was just looking for it to give my own Grandchildren! I have found it and I read it again> I would recommend every parent , or Aunt or Uncle, to get it and read it first or even to their offspring! And don't be afraid of answering question because that means they are listening! I recommend these book very, very highly!

  • Dodie Smith's ORIGINAL 101 Dalmations has always been one of my absolute favorite children's books. (And yes, I go back & re-read my old favorites from time-to-time!) Disney aside--the tongue-in-cheek humor, simple "good triumphs over evil" plotline & a wonderful portrayal of strangers jumping in to help--I've always felt made for a great object lesson in life. I'd recommend this highly as something to read to--or with--kids. Don't get me wrong--the Disney version's great, but it drops some of the integral characters--& necessarily some of the details I've always loved. Enjoy!

  • I loved this story!

    I've seen the Disney movie version countless times (and loved it) but until recently, I did not realize it was a book first.

    The book (of course) fleshes out the story. While the movie version is good, it is clearly a condensed version of the book. The nannies made me laugh out loud and it was great reading about additional adventures the dogs went on through their journey to and from London during the rescue!

  • My twelve yr. old really enjoyed the original story that was used to make the Disney movie. She saw a bonus feature on the DVD telling the story of how Walt Disney and the author wrote letters to one another and her opinion of the movie . There are a few differences between the book and movie. There are a few picture sketches every few pages. My daughter just added" The Twilight Barking",(part 2),to her Christmas wish list.

  • The newest movie I think did a decent job of following the book, simplifying it in a couple places that I think it made sense to do so. This was a fun read with my 5 year old. The book used a lot of good language to expand his vocabulary.

  • Impulsively went back to read my childhood favorite of oh-so-many years ago. Still a cute story and a rousing "noble" adventure, but definitely sexist in the manner of its time.

    I particularly enjoyed the delicate description of how Perdita "got married" and the emotional complications of having an attractive young female dog suddenly appear in Pongo's family. And the breezy overview of how Mr. Dearly came to be suddenly wealthy is very amusing - much like Monty Python's "How to Rid the World of All Known Diseases."

    I don't know that I would give this book to a child today without a bit of framing discussion, but it certainly was a pleasure to reread it myself. As everyone notes, it's much much better than the animated movie.