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» » Core Concepts in Health, Brief with Connect Plus Personal Health Access Card
Core Concepts in Health, Brief with Connect Plus Personal Health Access Card

Core Concepts in Health, Brief with Connect Plus Personal Health Access Card

Paul Insel,Walton Roth
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McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages; 11 edition (March 27, 2009)
Insel and Roth, Core Concepts in Health pioneered the concept of personal responsibility for health and individual behavior change back in 1976. Now in its 11th edition, it is still the market leader and is known for its scientific research base and its currency, comprehensiveness, and accuracy.
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7 Reviews
  • I'm mean, nothing against the book or anything, but when a class makes buying a book mandatory or you can't be in the class, shouldn't they make you, oh I don't know, USE IT?! I dropped my hard-earned cash on this thing because it was required in order to take my health class, and my professor doesn't even assign anything from it, let alone make us read a chapter or so. It came as expected. There's nothing wrong with it. I'm just ranting about how STUPID college textbook requirements are for students these days when money is tight! I'd recommend holding off on buying a textbook unless you KNOW FOR SURE you're going to use it more than once.

  • Honestly, I bought this for an online class, and I haven't used it. If I were required to take it to class, or do problems from the actual text, then I'd use it, but most of the stuff is common sense, and easily found online. If you can get the loose leaf version, its affordable enough to buy as a reference, but you don't need the most recent edition. Its nearly identical to the previous edition.

  • This was a loose leaf copy which I inserted into a binder, as noted. There was a bit of highlighting which wasn’t distracting. My issue with this was that the chapter numbers didn’t seem to correspond with our assignments. (When my professor said ch 18 assignments it was really for the topic in ch 19, etc)

  • If you are buying this it is because you were assigned this textbook for a class. I bought it because I didn't have the $80 for the newest edition that my college required. It worked out ok since we didn't have to hand in the worksheets, which might vary from one edition to the next.

    It was really basic health stuff, though. I noticed some ideas that I didn't agree with because the book seems to parrot everything the government or major media were saying about what was healthy when it was published and that changes from year to year. I guess I shouldn't expect a basic health class to get too deep into any one topic. Still, I didn't actually find anything I didn't know in this book.

  • Arrived a lot early than expected which is great since I didn't have to ask the Professor to extend the due date for my assignments. The book arrived in great condition I am very satisfied with my order. I must add that I purchased the paperback version although you still need to a 3 ring binder since it is actually a loose leaf book.

  • Was great. Gave me access to SmartBook (an online, interactive version of the textbook) as well as the quiz type things my professor wanted us to complete.
    Honestly, I dont think you need to purchase a book if you get this- and if you really think you do, you can probably find an older edition!
    I have an older edition pdf and was able to use it pretty much side by side when I wanted a smoother search feature

  • Shipped faster than expected. reasonably priced. Some pages were folded over ( as if a student separated them) and oddly out of the binder ring, but other than that the book appears to be fully equipped and it was an easy fix. All other pages look great and for a used book I am fully satisfied. Great price. The shipper sent a wonderful letter guaranteeing resolution of any problems found with product. I found it to be a great buy. Happy with dealer. Thanks!

  • I received this book yesterday, and it is in pieces. It is held together by rubber bands, and the pages are all damaged. I cannot believe that I would have to pay $44 for a book this misused. I am very disappointed that this was even an option. Not sure how I am going to be able to use this book.