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» » The Game of the Century: Nebraska vs. Oklahoma in College Football's Ultimate Battle
The Game of the Century: Nebraska vs. Oklahoma in College Football's Ultimate Battle

The Game of the Century: Nebraska vs. Oklahoma in College Football's Ultimate Battle

Michael Corcoran
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Bison Books (September 1, 2005)
On Thanksgiving Day 1971 a record fifty-five million homes tuned in to watch two powerhouse college football teams collide. The defending national champion, the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers, was squaring off against the number one offense in the country and second-ranked team, the Oklahoma Sooners. Combining a meticulously researched history of college football with in-depth interviews, Michael Corcoran reveals the play-by-play strategies and techniques, the personalities of the coaches who conceived the plans and the players who executed them, and the formations and intricate blocking schemes that spelled victory or defeat. Nebraska radio play-by-play man Lyell Bremser echoed the nation when he proclaimed, “I never thought I would live this long to see this kind of football game.”

From the roots of both football teams, to the players, coaches, reporters, spectators, and fans, The Game of the Century is a story that will resonate with football fans across America.

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7 Reviews
  • I saw this game as a pre-adolescent who was just starting to become aware of football and through it began my lifelong love affair with the sport. The players were legends and the game quickly became legendary. However, this book makes its place in college football history much clearer and more complete, and helps me to see how it was the start of the Nebraska football tradition that continues to this day. It is amazing to see how many great coaches were involved in this one game, and even more wonderful to see how many of the greatest college football players of all times (i.e., Tagge, Kinney, Glover, Pruitt, Mildren, Selmon,...) reached the peak of their careers before going on to lives as regular, decent men rather than celebrities and professional stars. It was a different time and a different culture, and this book made we look back on it wistfully

    After reading this book I only have two regrets: (1) too little was said about Rich Glover. Rich Glover was the greatest noseguard to ever play college football and probably the only man to ever dominate entire games from that position. We never saw his like before and will probably never see it again. He was a true genius at his position and I would like to have known more about him. (2) It seems to be impossible to get a good, high quality copy of the television broadcast of that game. This is astonishing, since it seems to be generally agree that this really was The Game of the Century. As such, it is a cultural treasure that should be more readily available. I hope that someone will recognize this fact and rectify this problem. This event deserved to be seen by more people than the millions who saw it on Thanksgiving 45 years ago.

  • I wish there were more books like this: books behind famous games, or famous series' of games. Lots of detail, gives us a flavor of what it was like in 1971, what kind of social context during which the game was played. There have be a gazillion "Games of the Century," but this one truly was. I remember how big it was when I was a kid, and when I've seen clips, I can see why it was given that distinction. I don't think I've ever seen a game with fewer mistakes. And it's a fun trip back to the "old days" of "the new college football...Astroturf was new, there was a thing called "tear-away jerseys" (which was like wearing a Kleenex with your number on it), and there was NO dancing or whooping it up after a good play. If the publishers are listening, I'd tell them we need more books about classic old teams, games, and series'.

  • I had season tickets to NU games in1971. I remember all the excitement 2 weeks prior to the game and how nervous I was on game day. This book brought back all the memories of that great season and the fabulous game. I still get excited when I think about the game. Memories are made of this. I feel terrible that Jack Mildren is gone. What a player and what a great OU team.

  • If you remember this game, then you're already attesting to the fact this was one of the greatest college football games of all time. (Possibly the best). Two great, powerful teams clashing on Thanksgiving, rendering America dead in its tracks before eating any turkey. Although I felt Nebraska was never really in trouble, Oklahoma really had to rely on tricks and an escape from their bread-and-butter wishbone to stay in the game. Still, both teams put on a show we'll never forget. Even to this day, 1971 Nebraska players are humble about their opponent that day and '71 Oklahoma players speak respectfully of the Huskers. All first class guys - every one of them.

    This book is a great read, and sets the stage for the ultimate clash of two unforgettable teams. Highly recommend.

  • Loved it with a passion, i remember it like it was yesterday. The 3rd down and 10 catch in the forth quarter was the biggest play of the game that kept the finale drive alive.

  • Michael Corcoran has written a great book concerning one of the greatest American sports events of all time. That season there were really only two teams, and they played for the conference and the de facto National Championship. Nebraska was the defending national champion and Oklahoma was just coming into its own running the wishbone triple option, which would be the dominant college offence for a generation.

    What makes this book great is its use of build up. Even for those of us who were not yet alive, in Nebraska the importance of that game is drilled into young people's minds. We know about Johnny Rodgers and Jerry Tagge and Jeff Kinney. Rich Glover is a hero to all Nebraskans. We get to relive the entire season of the best team since free substitution was introduced.

    What sets this book apart is also that it is from a perspective of the Sooners as well. I have never spent much time studying the Oklahoma team from 1971, but they were probably one of the best teams of all time. They had talent at all positions. Jack Mildren was one of the best option quarterbacks of all time, and Jon Harrison was amazing as well. They also had Lucious Selmon at middle guard on the defense. A team that was hard to beat.

    This book also shows that the old Big 8 Conference was a true power. In football in 1971 they finished 1-2-3 in the AP poll. In fact, Colorado only lost to Oklahoma and Nebraska that year.

    I highly recommend this book, because it lets you in on a very exciting time in football. This game was a Game of the Century and lived up to the hype. It is also a fast read. You will pick it up and not put it down.