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» » Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California (California Natural History Guides)
Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California (California Natural History Guides)

Field Guide to Freshwater Fishes of California (California Natural History Guides)

Doris Alcorn,Samuel M. McGinnis
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4.6 of 5
University of California Press; Revised edition (September 17, 2006)
This popular book is the only field guide to all of California's 130 freshwater fish species, both native and introduced. Revised and updated throughout, the guide now features the only complete collection of color illustrations of California freshwater fishes available anywhere. These color illustrations, coupled with a set of highly detailed black-and-white drawings, provide a quick and easy method for identifying fish in the field. Detailed natural history accounts for each species give a wealth of information, including the current endangered or threatened status of many native species.* Includes angling tips for each sport fish species* Features an expanded section on cooking freshwater fish
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7 Reviews
  • I'm a wildlife ecologist, and was hoping this would be more of a field guide, akin to other Natural History Guides in the series. I've found their herp guide to be extremely helpful (although Stebbins is THE expert), but this one was not so useful- more of an angler's guide. Tips on where to fish, lures to use, etc. I am more interested in natural histories and species identification, so this isn't quite what I was looking for. Also doesn't have photos of every species, or even illustrations of some (some species of concern didn't have illustrations, which I found to be quite lacking). I'll be investing in Moyle's "Inland Fishes of California" next, but at least this book is small, so I may throw it in my field bag anyway, in case it proves to be useful at some point.

  • Bought this so I could read up on the native fishes of California. There are many and had to get to put in any fish tanks that I have. As they need the same type of environment that they come from and much bigger tanks that I could ever get or fit into my house. And besides that I think it's illegal to keep native fish without a permit. Good read about the fish in California. I ended up selling the book at a fish club in the Bay Area and made someone very happy.

  • Before you go fishing.Fresh or salt water,get aquainted with the fish you might encounter.This book is full of knowledge and helpful illustrations,hints.All useful information for fishing in general.Easy to find,order,fast delivery.Impressed.

  • Very nice guide and a good deal compare with others fish publications. This book also brings interesting aspects on fish ecology. I didn't like the last part about cooking the fish, but I guess many people may find that cool.

  • Must have for the wildlife biologist. Use it whenever we have fisheries related tasks in Caliofornia. Must have book.

  • This superb, comprehensive field guide covers not just the extant freshwater fish of California, but details how to catch them, how to cook them, and even how to keep them in the aquarium or pond at home. Superb photographs, and detailed descriptions of each species.
    It is truly a travesty though that many of the alien fish in the state that have caused such devastation to native species have been deliberately introduced by the governmental agency responsible for the stewardship of California's freshwater ecosystems. Reading of the California Department of Fish & Game's persistent and ongoing mismanagement is alarming, and a clear indication that the citizens of the state deserve that the bunglers in charge of that office be bought to task and replaced by competent people. CDFG operate in large part to secure the interests of the sports fishing industry rather than working for the citizens of the state and the environment.

  • It still gets five stars for content, good writing, amazingly extensive data, and imaginative inclusions, of which the one on keeping wild fish in home ponds and aquaria is the most surprising and the one on preparing and cooking the creatures is the most splendid.

    Just to be done with it, the "almost" refers to some features of layout and form, which are irritating. They are not so bad as to make me want to throw it at a passing raccoon, but they do exercise some of my less formal vocabulary.

    As a wildlife rehabilitator, I depend on field guides a lot, and good ones are not as common as we all wish. This one is a dandy, and I am truly glad for it and recommend it to anyone interested in western states fishes, not just those of California.

    As a serious cook, I am downright thrilled with the culinary section, which is flatly the best fish cookbook I have ever seen since the immortal Rombauer's JOY OF COOKING, the only other book I know which deals with ALL the details of preparation.

  • Once again, Dr. McGinnis has done it! We own the first edition and now the newly revised edition. This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know more about the physiology of the fish species in California. The pictures and illustrations are a handy guide for identification. There is also a wonderful section on fish preparation with some great recipes. If you want to expand your Freshwater Fish knowledge, BUY THIS BOOK!