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Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest

Jonathan Kellerman
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4.6 of 5
Thorndike Pr (March 1, 1999)
Genre Fiction
Psychologist Alex Delaware joins forces with LAPD detective Milo Sturgis and Israeli inspector Daniel Sharavi to solve a series of killings in which the victims--including the Israeli consul's teenage daughter--are linked only by the fact that each had a disability
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7 Reviews
  • I haven't read a Jonathan Kellerman book in quite a while. Not out of any dislike, but I've been reading other things. Ran across this old Alex Delaware book for a good price on Kindle and picked it up. It's been so long that I don't really remember Kellerman's style. I found it rather long-winded with much extraneous description. Nevertheless, I simply skimmed those sections and tried to stay with the plot. Even there I found he threw in so many characters that I began to lose track. The trail somehow leads Alex and Milo (and their Israeli partner) to investigate and infiltrate a eugenics group. Hence the title, Survival of the Fittest. I found myself saying to myself, at one point, how did they settle upon this as the solution to the killings. I had forgotten what the connection was and it seemed that there was no real evidence and a lot of conclusions were being made on pure suppositions. From there on in, there were no real surprises. The ending threw a slight curve at you but was, for me, disappointing. Yet, lengthy descriptions aside, I found the writing to be okay and the reading to be diverting enough to give this book a so-so rating of three. Until the somewhat disappointing ending, the book had me going just enough to keep on reading.

  • I have to disagree with most of the comments. I have followed Alex and Milo from the start --- I found this book difficult and very unbelievable - way too many characters, hard to put them in the story and their reason for being there. For such a complicated story, I felt they could have left half the characters out, and focused on not-so-many characters. Story lines were left open (not tied up at the end). Somewhere in the 50% portion, of the book, it started to be a bit easier to read - but shortly there after went right back to 'difficult', But I keep going. The overseas 'lines/people' was irrelevant and took away from the focus of the story. So -- overall, I thought it was hard to read, story line was unbelievable, nothing fit together.
    This is the only book of Alex/Milo I have not enjoyed. I do look forward to the next.

  • I generally like Jonathan Kellerman's books and hadn't read one for several years; this turned out to be a disappointment because the plot was quite convoluted and ultimately not believable. Alex's miraculous escape was hard to fathom and Milo's dedication to the LAPD was just too perfect. I don't see myself reading anymore in this series.

  • Gotta love Kellerman! Such great stories, excellent characters, intelligent writing and engagingly descriptive prose. He's one of my favorites and I try not to miss a new release. His genre is crime and his books are so hard to put down and coming to the end makes me wish each book would go on and on.

  • I almost always enjoy the Alex Delaware series. I enjoyed this one as well. An interesting criminal investigation with a little political intrigue.

  • Love Kellermans Dr Delaware novels. All are great bit once in a while a OK book comes along. This was one of them. A good read but not a great read. I will keep reading his Dr Delaware novels. Even ok Kellerman books are fun and exciting.

  • Jonathan Kellerman makes his hero brilliant, intuitive and yet human and vulnerable. This is a murder mystery wth lots of subplots and layers. The further you read the more you realize that most of the clues lead you astray.

  • I am going to read the whole series. I have gotten to "know" the characters and it makes it more interesting. At times there are too many characters to keep straight if you do not have time to read multiple chapters each day.