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Louis Sachar
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4.9 of 5
Bloomsbury Publishing PLC; Export and UK open market ed edition (May 8, 2000)
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Stanley Yelnat's family has a history of bad luck going back generations, so he is not too surprised when a miscarriage of justice sends him to Camp Green Lake Juvenile Detention Centre. Nor is he very surprised when he is told that his daily labour at the camp is to dig a hole, five foot wide by five foot deep, and report anything that he finds in that hole. The warden claims that it is character building, but this is a lie and Stanley must dig up the truth. In this wonderfully inventive, compelling novel that is both serious and funny, Louis Sachar has created a masterpiece that will leave all readers amazed and delighted by the author's narrative flair and brilliantly handled plot.
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7 Reviews
  • Passed this book around to all the young people in our family, and currently not sure which family has it. That is, AFTER we read it together in the car on a road trip. Awesome book, can't hardly put it down. If you want to get your kids reading, force them to read the first chapter and you won't see them until they've finished. :)

  • The flashbacks really helped you understand more about the story and characters. Loved how the characters are all connected like in a spiderweb.

  • The author did a fantastic job of weaving the past and present together and bringing everything full circle in this book in a way that even young children could understand. It could have easily gotten very complicated and convoluted but he managed to make it intricate yet understandable. My second grader read this book on his own and figured it all out. I read this book aloud to my first grader which worked out nicely because I could discuss it with him as we went along and make sure he understood it. Most of the time he did on his own and he always did after we had a conversation.

    Both my boys can be sensitive to darker plots and humor but they both really enjoyed this book - it wasn't too much for them. It's recommended for third grade and up but I found it appropriate for my first and second grader. The only mildly inappropriate instance is when one character says, "What the hell?" I didn't even notice when I was reading it but my first grader was quick to point out at our book club meeting that it was his favorite part - because of the "bad" word. Such a proud parenting moment.

    Speaking of book club, this was a great selection for the Intergenerational Book Club (IGBC) at my church. There were kids from first through fifth grade (mostly boys) and all of them enjoyed this book. For snacks we had worms and dirt (made by the kids), doughnut holes, and pumpkin onion cookies. (Onions play an important role in the story.)

  • Just discovering this novel as an adult makes me sad I didn't know about it when I was child. I was a teenager when Holes came out, so I sort of missed its moment, as I was reading adult books by that point. Louis Sachar has such a gentle, charming, page-turning voice, that this tale was simply irresistible. Full of memorable characters, evil villains, thrilling mysteries, and unpredictable twists and turns, HOLES is a story for any book-lover no matter the age. It's a modern classic.

  • I finally decided to check this book out after years of watching the movie. I'm so happy I did, because it's way better than the film (as is usually the case), which is saying something. I won't give anything away with regards to the plot, but I'll say this much - I highly recommend it not just for young adults, but for us older adults as well. ;)

  • This is a very enjoyable book. I think it is geared for youthful readers. As a parent I would have no problem having my middle school children reading this book. There is no obscene or inappropriate language. The reason I read this book is that it is a selection of my book club. I am not sure exactly why it is a selection as my book club is mostly senior citizens and no very young members.

    The book itself is not lengthy. Many of the chapters are somewhat short and seems to me to be a fairly easy read. There is a lot of interesting coincidences that occur within the story in order to facilitate the story line. If this was serious adult fiction I would find the story not credible. However I think it makes a great story for youth. I would call it a version of a morality story. There are lessons in bullying, injustice, loyalty, selflessness, perseverance, etc... In the event that a reader from middle school to early adult read this book and liked it and wished to try a slightly more advanced reads that is still appropriate for a young adults, I respectfully submit "Girl, Stolen" by April Henry, and "Girls Like Us" by Gail Giles for consideration.

    In summary it was a pleasant, easy read. In the event that a parent might be looking for a lesser known book from an earlier time, I recently came upon a relatively short novel, "Understood Betsy" by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. It is set in the early twentieth century in rural Vermont and is probably more for little girls. The book is not long, although some of the chapters are slightly long. Another book from an earlier time that I came upon is "The Boxcar Children" by Gertrude Chandler Warner, which may be for slightly younger children. Thank You...

  • This book is one of my personal favorites. Just like Hunger Games, and Harry Potter, it is amazing. I read this in less than two days because I liked it so much. I would recommend it to anyone who likes mysteries, yet this Isn't a mystery novel.

  • Such a good book. All three of my kids read this in middle school and I've read it myself. It has mystery to keep you entertained and the main characters are great examples of good triumphing over evil. If you want a book that is a fun and a fast, read plus is really easy to write an A+ book report on, then choose this book.