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» » Moonlight in the Morning (Thorndike Press Large Print Core)
Moonlight in the Morning (Thorndike Press Large Print Core)

Moonlight in the Morning (Thorndike Press Large Print Core)

Jude Deveraux
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4.7 of 5
Thorndike Press; Large Print edition (January 4, 2012)
United States
Leaving New York behind for the summer to pursue painting in Edilean's artistic community, Jecca Layton is swept off her feet by the town's handsome doctor and they both must make a difficult decision when the summer ends.
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7 Reviews
  • I like Jude Devereaux. Really, I do. I just can't get interested in this one. I've picked it up to read 5 or 6 times already and it's silly - not romantic silly, just silly. It's juvenile - I'm reminded of high school girls, not women. I'm sure I'll finish but I'm having a difficult time doing so.

  • A good moving story of a girl who had dreams that did not come true and a heart of a caring person. When she visited Edilean and meet a doctor who loved what he did in the town he loved she had to see herself as she was and the story unfolds from there. The author did will in telling this heart warming story.

  • This is an enchanting story.
    Meeting in the dark. Awesome idea.
    I really enjoyed the ladies and their 3 PM ritual.

  • Love Jude Deveraux books - these were in great condition - would order from this seller again.

  • To explain Moonlight in the Morning you have to understand Edilean. Edilean is a small town in Virginia, originally settled by 7 families (Days of Gold). It is one of those places that you are still the new person after having lived there for decades.. and young Mr Anderson could be 70yrs old.. "Family ties, small town values and unexpected love...Readers will find it hard to resist the charms of Edilean." --Publishers Weekly

    Moonlight in the Morning is the 6th book in the Edilean Series and is full of charm, warmth and real life Magic.

    Jecca, Sophie and Kim were best friends in college.. three girls who lived for their art. Each had an inner need to create and find their way while selling their art. As many artists do, the also discovered that having talent and living off it can be two very different things. After college, Sophie disappears (I have a feeling we may see her later on.. oh I hope so), Kim returns to Edilean her hometown and Jecca goes to New York. Amazingly enough it is Kim who finds her way first, able to create and sell her jewelery right at home in Edilean. Jecca is running an art gallery and while she is very very good at it, it isn't her passion.

    When Jecca's boss decides to take an extended honeymoon and close down the gallery Jecca takes up Kim's offer to come to Edilean for the summer. To paint and maybe to connect with Kim's delectable brother. Reede, a perfectly likable character who I am sure will find love somewhere along the line, has been something of a mini obsession to Jecca since a summer college visit. Kim is determined to see them together.

    Tristan has something else in mind. Tristan Alderidge who is Kim and Reede's cousin is one of the beautiful people. He is a gorgeous man with a beautiful heart whom women all seem to fall for. And yet none of them see him, they see his looks or his family money or even his profession (he's the town doctor). He had one meeting with Jecca back during that college visit and he has always wondered what if.. even going so far as to stop by her father's hardware store (in New Jersey) to connect with her.. of course she wasn't there. Finally he sees his chance... she will be there for the entire summer! Then he finds out that Reede will be in town in two weeks to help out with his practice.. (Tristan has a broken arm and has been forced to rest and not practice until he heals). He is determined to use the short two weeks before Reede shows up to win the girl.

    This is a beautiful story, the characters connect in first a fun, then a personal and finally an intimate way. There is no secret mystery or hidden agenda, it is just the story of a man falling for the right girl and what he will do for her. Wonderfully written, when Tristan and Jecca first meet it is in darkness and they play out a small game of Cupid and Psyche.. meeting in the dark without seeing each other.. falling first for the person beneath the skin. It was just very well done of Ms Deveraux

    One of my favorites things about Ms Deveraux's writing is her ability to create what I call the Richard Gere moment.. you know that moment in Pretty Woman where he is topping the fire escape, or when he is coming up the escalator in Shall We Dance? Just a sensuous moment.. a sweep me off my feet and take me away moment. And once again she pulls it off.. of course that same characteristic that allows for a male to have that moment also allows for caveman genes..

    Tristan is a fixer.. he wants to fix things so Jecca can have everything.. he has to learn he can't fix things and sometimes it is him who has to cave..and Jecca is so determined to make it off her art she refuses to see what art truly is. She is one of those people who are so creative she can't settle on one thing.. something I understand very much.. which may be why I got Jecca.. She is loved, has no huge family trauma in her background just a regular family.. normal everyday issues.. and they love her.

    I like stories about life.. I like when a book doesn't need all the bells and whistles to sell it, just the simple magic of love.. and Ms Deveraux is a master at delivering this.. She also does a great job of tying the past and present together.. I most definitely recommend this book to anyone who just believes in love.


  • Moonlight in the Morning is one of three delightful stories about college roommates who find love, as can only be told by Jude Deveraux! The familiar characters in the trilogy (Moonlight Masquerade, Moonlight in the Morning, and Stranger in the Moonlight) must be read together, along with Scarlet Nights and Lavender Morning. Promise, you just won't want to put any of them down!

  • Nice continuation of the Edilean series. This is a standalone book with a HEA. I thought the ending was a little rushed but overall a good read.

  • I have read many Jude Deveraux books and this one was good too but very predictable. Just like in every romance novel the main guy is the sexiest, most amazing, perfect guy around. But, for me, that's the best part of any romance novel. So yes, I enjoyed this book, especially when Tris and Jecca are getting to know each other..... In the dark. Definitely a very cool way to REALLY get to know someone.