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Violets Are Blue

Violets Are Blue

James Patterson
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4.7 of 5
Headline Book Pub Ltd; First Edition edition (September 30, 2001)
Genre Fiction
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7 Reviews
  • Age Appropriate For: 13 and up
    Best for Ages: 13-18

    While I had a job this summer, I purchased a couple of books by homeschooled authors that had been on my reading list for a very long time. This one had been on my list almost since I started Homeschooled Authors, and so I bought it.

    There is always a bit of trepidation in reading a book by someone so young. Elizabeth Rose was 13 when this book was published, and one would think that the book wouldn’t be that well written. Elizabeth Rose really did an amazing job for her age, and while younger readers will probably get the most out of it, older readers might enjoy it too. The story is told well and the vocabulary is so good that it is easy to forget it was written by someone so young.

    Violet is a sweet girl whom many readers will understand. While she is a good girl, she has her share of mistakes and issues that make the book feel real and believable. Her struggles and triumphs are easy to identify with and will be very relatable for readers.

    Historically, the book was well researched. The book will introduce readers to the life of American immigrants, the hardships of factories, and the Titanic. I think this would be a great introduction for younger members of the family to this time in history.

    Before you hand it to younger readers, there is something of which parents should be aware. Violet, at one point in the story, has thoughts of self-harm. I won’t give any details as it would give away part of the story. The situation was handled in a good way, but younger readers might need parental guidance through that section of the book (chapter 25).

    I recommend this book to those who like historical fiction, are interested in immigrants or the Titanic, and who like a well told story.

  • Patterson n Cross are usually good. This is a solid book, but Roses n Violets just get too far. He solves the crime; woops, wrong guy. He solves it again, and again, till ur lost, n then throws a ball out of left field that takes the whole 2d book to clarify. AND, he has to throw in werewolves to do it.
    Too much. Go to later books.

  • The Vampire killings are extremely grotesque, but very intriguing, keeping Cross on his toes, and constantly looking over his shoulder. The Mastermind is still by his side, and one step in front of him. This is a real page-turner, and there is always that worry that his next partner will end up like his previous partners. Cross finally, and yes, finally puts the pieces together and confronts the Mastermind. Some how, I don't think this is the end. Patterson has hooked me with Cross, and I just can't get enough!

  • I didn't know James Patterson could write anything worse after reading Roses are Red but this beats all of the gore, violence, psychological twisted minds than the killing of so many people in such a gut-churning way but Violets are Blue. If you want to read this book be prepared to be disgusted, and the putrid cruelty involved to the inth degree. I didn't realize the twisted minds that were depicted could possibly exist. Be mindful when you open the first paragraph you are in for a horror ride.

  • After "Roses Are Red" took a big step backwards, "Violets Are Blue" does the same. This novel is almost as bad as the last. I'm serious!

    There is literally nothing good about this story. It just continues the downfall of a beloved series. The story is nothing good. I mean, seriously! Vampire Cult Killers? Really, Patterson?! That's the best you can do! Not even the Mastermind makes any of this better. In fact, I kinda wish Patterson never revealed who he was in the previous story.

    The only good thing about this story is the introduction of a new character (/love interest for Alex) Jamilla Hughes. I think she is a cool character. She reminds me of Betsy a little bit. But even the romance between her and Alex means nothing. It doesn't get me interested.

    Trust me when I say it, "don't read this novel!" Don't bother to read it or even look at it. Skip it and go right towards "Four Blind Mice" (a lot better than this piece of crap).

  • Great read! Even though the killer is revealed in Roses are Red, Violets are Blue is full of surprises. People knock Patterson for his style and lack of complex character development but his books are great for what they are - quick and entertaining diversions from everyday life. And if you are a fan of Alex Cross - you get to grow along with him. I love the fact that I can pick up his book at any time, read a couple of short chapters and never get lost in the story. I don't have hours at a time to devote to a book. I read in small chunks - on the commuter train, before a kid's soccer game, just before bed, etc.

    His books move along at a quick pace. And best of all, most are under $8. You won't find a better value proposition between time, money and entertainment.

  • I first became interested in the Alex Cross when I picked up "Double Cross." I read some. Of the later books to include the story of Kyle's escape, thus I acquired knowledge about the devious murdering monster Kyle. Armed with this knowledge I began the series from the beginning tying all the loose ends up and stepping more and more into Alex Crosses shoes. The perfect crimes utilizing a cast of puppets to include the Alex Cross puppet and pulling all their strings until Alex severe' s all ties and subdues the puppet mastermind. Great series of twists and turns leading to the criminal behind the criminals.