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4.9 of 5
Jove Books (2002)
Genre Fiction
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7 Reviews
  • No need to go into super detail - if you are looking this book up, it's because you just finished or are about to finish the one that comes right before it in the series and you are just as hooked as the rest of us!

    Get it! It's just as good! You have several moments of "YES eat that sucka" and a few moments of "what was he thinking? what is he doing?" and of course there are always moments of "OMG is Anita going to die?"

    That's where I will leave it for you. Like a worm on a hook. I will say, Richard, oy, he needs to hard slap to his noggin and wake up call. So whiny and mopey and all the other not happy short men. I really wish at some point Anita would just tell him off, not just walk away from him, and bite her tongue because she doesn't want to say something that will hurt his feelings. I want her to look him square in the eye and tell him what a titty baby he is being. Ugh.

  • This was an intense book. I don't know how the author keeps ratcheting up the energy and the stakes.

    I loved the detail on the relationships between the pack/pard and its leadership and what Anita had to learn to be a better Nimir-ra. I also liked that while Anita had to make some really hard choices, she was able to pass the barrier against evil.

    The closing chapter was one of the most concise and complete wrap-ups of each of the plots in the book. Very impressive.

    I didn't find a single typo in the book (this is rare in eBooks).

    Because of the intensity, I'm not sure whether I'm looking forward to the next book or not.

  • I gave it four stars not because the book was good, but because it was entertaining. I have been crash reading Anita Blake and fell in love with the early books. Cops who-done-it, humor, flirting, lavish descriptions of nudities, zombies, vampires, werewolves, fae and a jilted female human character in the mist of it all trying to find her own way in this mess. I couldn't wait to see what new baddie type they would bring with this book. It's the introduction of baddies that make each book a little more mysterious into this alternate world.

    I'm jumping ahead of myself... Let me get this off my chest:

    First of all I get it! Richard is hot! I realized this in Circus of the Damned. If someone just started reading at book 8, they still get that Richard is hot and she loves and desires him, because she says it 50 freaking times with 8 page descriptions.

    Bringing me to number two, repeat, repeat, repeat! Nathaniel has long pure auburn hair, Daniel blonde, Asher golden blonde, JC beautiful locks and pale skin, he looks soooo beautiful, Richard pulls his hair into a ponytail for the illusion of a clean cut and he worked out, so he's bigger; Jamaal has braids that smells good.. Jason is hawt with a demented sense of humor and top of my list vampires look alive after they've fed etc. Each description is atleast 5 mins and described about 4 times each per book. Shut... Up! It's insulting! If you can't follow the rules of this world, then you don't need to read it. LKH describes things over again like every reader is a bumbling idiot that can't follow. All these fillers, get some action going and not 20 minutes of reading sex or how shiny someone's eyebrows are!!!!
    Of course sex is number three; I'm thrilled that Anita is finally getting laid. Describing her as prude is an understatement. I can tell she even loosened up a bit, but my gosh, mingle, don't go full blown skank.
    Fourth, nobody is vulnerable anymore or really dies! I loved Anita because she was humanish and always outgunned. Now, one on one fights with pack members, vampire servants and everyone wanting to stanky leg heal. I keep hearing she's a necromancer, but when does her own power develop. The theatrics in this book for a whole 5 minute read was disappointing. Let's see you control some stuff with the vampires, get all dark phoenix and hadouken some vampires with the sun already! Chew up some bad guys with the walking dead (screw her morals) Only dealing with masters of the city and their entourage? No other vampire clan in town you can burn up? Everyone is alright with a necromancer running around? No actual vampire hunting at all! Did I mention she's a vampire hunter!!? It's on the cover!!!!! Who cares about Odin lineage and lupas, I get their you're friends! Pile them in the mystery van and introduce your sidekicks while you slay some damn vampires already. Why is this always the main storyline now?

    ok.. back to the main storyline.
    They of course introduced what this baddie would be in the middle of the book (I got Hyped) and the whole 5 pages of it in there is really anticlimatic. Why even bring it up? Not even a dang zombie.....

    If you're an Anita Blake fan, you have to read it just because. It's like reading a filler episode if this were t.v. It's a good enough read to keep you entertained. LKH has dumbed down supporting characters to make Anita seem like the Hulk now. I mean come on, not one freaking werewolf, vampire or fae knows how to use a gun? It's entertaining, but that's about it.

  • Vampire Hunter Anita Blake travels to TN when getting a call from Richard’s brother saying Richard has been arrested for rape. She knows that would be next to impossible as Richard is a true Boy Scout. But with 2 members of Jean-Claude’s triumvirate in town, the area Master of the City believes a coup is taking place. Problems with him, a dirty police department and the evil guy who has paid off the police are most of the action related aspects to the story.

    Readers also learn more about Pack culture and Anita learns more about her role as leader of the leopards. Many of the characters from home are on hand in this story.

    I love the world and character building both in this story as well as the series. Anita is vulnerable but determined and takes responsibility for others. I’ve re-read this story a number of times over the years and find it one of the more interesting of the earlier books when it comes to so many different types of relationships. Anita’s experiences in this one are somewhat different in both what she does, learns and confronts.

  • This has a sheriff going bad, Richard being charged with rape, bad guys trying to exterminate the trolls, Nathaniel poor Nathaniel being attacked all the way through the book, maybe Richard and Anita are back together, Jason, werewolves, vampires, Asher, Damien, and police. Well written with well-developed characterization that make it impossible to lay the book down and sleep. Adult readers due to sexual and violent content.