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Welcome to Harmony (Center Point Premier Romance (Large Print))

Welcome to Harmony (Center Point Premier Romance (Large Print))

Jodi Thomas
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4.7 of 5
Center Point Pub; Large Print edition (August 1, 2010)
United States
Longing for a home to call her own, 16-year-old runaway Reagan arrives in Harmony, Texas, pretending to be the granddaughter of late resident Beverly Truman, and is welcomed into the home of Beverly's surviving brother where she finds friendship and family. (General fiction).
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7 Reviews
  • This is a story about the town of Harmony, Texas. There are many AMAZING characters in the story and it is about each and every one of them.

    Reagan and Noah - Reagan is a 16 yr. old foster/runaway working in a nursing home when she meet Beverly from Harmony. Beverly dies, Reagan assumes the role of Beverly's granddaughter and moves to Harmony. Noah is a young bull rider who befriends Reagan and they form a bond.

    Alex and Hank - Alex is the sherrif who spends all week enforcing the law and Saturday nights trying to drink away a deep seeded secret of regret. Hank is the volunteer fire chief who lives with more women than any sane man should and the "savior" of Alex.

    Jeremiah - An old crumudgon of a man who takes on the role of Reagan's great uncle (because he is Beverly's only living relative).

    Tyler and Catherine - Tyler is the shy local funeral director who has an online affair with Katherine (i'm not exactly what her title is but she has an important "man's job" with the government investigating arson.)

  • I rarely, if ever, buy a book that hasn't been reviewed unless I know the author's work. Even more rarely if it's a debut. And even more rarely still if it's over $2.99.

    But -

    Some little voice in my head (the ones the meds don't take care of - just kidding - really) said "Buy this book". So I gave in and

    Boy, am I glad I did.

    I had just watched the latest episode of "Teen Wolf" Moonday night (it is my favorite show), and I was just thinking about how all these 16-year olds are involved in R-rated situations. And then I read this book, and it was so refreshing. Because it's innocent. Sure, it has werewolves...I mean lupoi, vampires, witches, trolls, various assorted fae, and...things that really do go bump in the night. Yet it's clean. No gore, mild violence, nothing more than a sweet kiss - they're 12-year olds, and it's perfectly appropriate for that age. Maybe a little stronger than Goosebumps, but not too much.

    The writing was excellent. Mr. Trumpis is very talented. He says that it's his dream to write more books taking place in Harmony, and it's now my dream that his comes true. I can absolutely guarantee that I will buy more of this author's books. Just for the mere fact that these vampires do not sparkle and all of the vampires HATE those books (take that, Twilighters - ha!). Good stuff. Oh, and also, pretty much perfectly edited. Werewolves and proper spelling and grammar...what more could one ask for?

    Sequels. Lots and lots of sequels.

  • This is Book One of the Rainshadow Series and involves a 16-year-old girl, Reagan Truman, who assumes the role of a granddaughter of a woman, Beverly Truman, she knew when she worked in nursing home. Beverly has died. Reagan arrives in Harmony and fall asleep in the front yard of Jeremiah Truman, the only surviving relative of Beverly. He takes in the girl and together they form an inseparable bond. A wonderful read to kick of the series. Another Jodi Thomas winning stories.

  • I've read almost every book in this series and as it appears not in order. I'm a little regretful I've waited this long to read this one the first one. I had wondered about the grass fires and now I have the answers. This book has many great plots and the characters are unique and likable. The romances were sweet and not explicit or overdone. The dialogue is witty. The book is fast and fun to read. A good choice and so is the whole series.

  • I loved this book so much I bought the others in the series, promptly read them and pre-ordered the next one. The story starts with a young girl who has never had a home but has learned to dream about a town called "Harmony." She learned all about it and its inhabitants from an old woman she worked for and befriended. The book starts with her arriving in Harmony, going to a diner and when she asks where she is from, her answer is "here." She's home. Its a lovely start to a lovely book. The people are interesting and their relationships keep the reader engrossed. New characters are added with each book in the series, but characters introduced previously continue to appear and their lives updated. If you like people and storylines that continue over multiple books, you'll enjoy the Harmony series.

  • This is a 7-book series where each book makes you feel like you are coming home to friends and family! Welcome to Harmony is the first. It pulled me in so completely I was thrilled that I did not have to wait to read the next book in the series! Each book in the series is already out so there is no waiting! Each book also enlarges and completes the feeling that you are "coming home" to Harmony. I highly recommend this book and this entire series!

  • A town that anyone would at least want to visit. The character development is wonderful and if you just want to escape for awhile get this book. I have read other books in the series and am sure I will read the rest of them. I don't like reviews that give away much of the plot but I will say if you enjoy losing yourself in a book Jodi knows how to do that for you with her rich writing skills. First time I have read this author, won't be my last.

  • I've written a review for one of the later books of this series but I have a few words about the first book of the series, i.e. read all of the books in order of publication and you will be filled with joy, compassion, sorrow, anger, etc. etc. Ms. Thomas has created a wonderful saga; that of Harmony, Texas and the intriguing people that live there. The stories and people of the Harmony saga filled my soul with hope, love and spirit. Any person with an ounce of humanity and a longing for a rewarding literary experience would sure to be pulled into the stories of Harmony.