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» » Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Mysteries, No. 1)
Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Mysteries, No. 1)

Grave Sight (Harper Connelly Mysteries, No. 1)

Alyssa Bresnahan,Charlaine Harris
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4.3 of 5
Recorded Books; Unabridged edition (2006)
Genre Fiction
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7 Reviews
  • Ok here's an interesting new premise. Harper Connelly can sniff out or zone in on dead bodies. They don't talk to her she just sees their last 10-15 seconds of life as they expire which most often tells her the cause of death but not necessarily "who done it". Still she is able to earn a living by charging for her services to locate missing loved ones that are definitely deceased. Her stepbrother is her manager and there is weird sexual tension between them since they refer to each other as brother or sister. As usual finding the missing dead body may make some people happy but inevitably someone is unhappy that the body has been found and they come after Harper and her brother who spends his spare time when not managing step sis's career, seducing the local waitress population. Somehow he always manages to rush to Harper's rescue just in the nick of time or any time there's the threat of a possible romantic rival. Yuck. It's a fast read and mildly entertaining and initially I liked the character Harper and her original talent.

  • I read all four of the books in this series. These were my first experience with this author and I don't believe I'll read any more by her. I loved the characters and the unique gift given the main character. Harper is a young woman who has been struck by lightning and ever since has had the ability to locate dead bodies. I loved her and I loved her partner, Tolliver. I loved the side characters and I loved the stories. So what is the problem?

    The writing style is good, told in the first person by Harper. But there was such a lack of attention to detail that I kept getting yanked out of the story. One minute she is limping, favoring her leg that threatens to collapse under her, then she goes running for long distances with no trouble. She gets shot at in one book and a police officer killed protecting her, but the cops just nod there heads and go on with life. No follow up investigation, no questions about who might have killed the officer, so Harper continues her own haphazard investigation. The stories are told with such economy that I kept having trouble following what was happening.

    I felt like the characters were so great that these books could have been a major series with a little more effort. I think the author spent all her efforts on her true blood series, which I could never get into. And I guess that makes sense financially. But I'm so disappointed. I loved Harper.

  • This first book in the series will keep you interested mostly because you're trying to figure out Harper as a person. Also, something seems REALLY interesting between Harper and her step-brother Tolliver, but nothing is being said and you'll probably start to wonder if you're totally nuts and maybe even a little gross.

    Ms. Harris seems to be trying really hard to create an outcast type that isn't totally off the rails. Harper has some issues and may look a bit like an emaciated fairy, but she's got that "professional" vibe. The girl wears turtle neck sweaters and pumps for crying out loud. She's not goth-queen extraordinaire. Thankfully.

    I think Ms. Harris does a fantastic job of creating a character who is really struggling with her differences, and is trying to learn to live with the things that make her very peculiar to society. Instead of running and hiding from it, she's embraced it. At the same time she hasn't embraced her odd talent so completely that she's thrown society to the wind either. She's doing her best to be a legitimate business woman using the talent that she didn't ask to have.

    You get a really good sense of the struggles that Harper is facing with people who are afraid of her, especially bigoted people who think her power is evil and her relationship with her brother/manager is REALLY suspicious.

    Writing style is good. Characters aren't nearly as engaging as the ones in the Sookie universe, but that's not surprising considering this was an earlier series for Harris. Even though I felt like this was a pretty solid 3/5 I went ahead and bumped it up because I like Harper as a character.

    A solid mystery. Worth a read on a rainy day. Especially if you like paranormal stuffs.

  • I read the book to the end, which was a bit of a struggle because the writing seemed flat and I was able to predict the ending of the book by the time I was halfway through. I am always disappointed when I can predict how the book will end because part of a good novel for me is the surprise factor, the little twist I didn't anticipate or better yet shocked me with the surprise.

    I know it isn't fair to compare this book against the Sookie Stackhouse series but I do have to say the Harper Connelly series is missing that tongue in cheek charm that I expected from Harris' writing. The style in this book is so dark, almost dreary that I was happy when it ended and in her other series I could hardly wait to start the next book because I was so invested in the characters and their lives.

    Harper and her brother Tolliver have been through some difficult times and are believable as characters. But I just couldn't like them, or care about them, even when their lives were imminently in danger.

    I'll give Grave Surprise a try but I hope Harris tries to channel her earlier style of macabre cheerfulness and make us, the readers, like her characters and their world.