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Oakley Hall
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University of Nebraska Press (April 1, 1980)
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Book by Hall, Oakley
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7 Reviews
  • The book is excellent. It is a fascinating story of characters in the 1880s in the West. It is unusual to read about the personalities of people who lived in the west (many of them cowboys) around 1880- and quite interesting. The three main characters- the marshall- Blaisdell; the gambler- Morgan; and the deputy- Gannon are developed in highly interesting detail. I had seen the very fine 1959 movie, starring Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn and Richard Widmark before reading the book; and I was able to picure the three main characters as they appeared in the book. The three stars were all older than their characters in the book, but that did not detract from the story in the book. The author had an unsual way of writing that is a little hard to describe. It is a little dry and in some cases seemed to go into excessive detail, but the strong points dominate these weaknesses. The lead women characters- Ms. Jessie and Ms. Kate (Lily in the film) are quite interesting, and Ms. Jessie is a fair bit different in the film than her dyanamic character in the book.
    The character of Gannon's kid brother is well presented, and one can picture the actor (Frank Gorshin) perfectly in the role.

  • Warlock should be considered an iconic western novel. The characters are complex and realistic. Shane and Riders of the Purple Sage are well known as great novels of the American West. Warlock deserves to be considered with them. Not only is it entertaining, the reader identifies with the complexities of personality. No person is one dimensional; and though there is good and bad in all of us, even the best of us is fatally flawed.
    "He realized that there was no need for self examination, no need to question his decisions, no need to reflect upon his guilt, his inadequacy or upon him self at all. There were no decisions to be made any more, for there was only responsibility, and it was a freedom of tremendous scope".

  • Leaden writing, redundancy and slow pace drag down an ambitious and sophisticated novel about the infancy of justice, order, community and morality in the American West. Should you read it? Absolutely. Will you sometimes want to put it down forever? Uh huh. Much better sociology than literature, but still a brave imagining of place and time--with serious kudos for creating western women who are more than cliches and encompassing early labor activism, class and north/south issues as well as cowboy/gunslinger mythology. It took me almost halfway to be hooked, and I got that far out of respect for Pynchon and the NYRB reprint series--but then there was no turning back.

  • One of the very best books about the mythology of the American West that I have read. Incorporates, and for lack of a better term, deconstructs the OK Corral, Deadwood, the Lincoln County War, the labor strife culminating in the Ludlow Masacre, among others. That may sound dry, but Warlock is also extremely readable and entertaining. Plus, NYRB books have the same, almost fetishistic, aura of quality as Critereon Collection DVDs. Very highly recommended.

  • Enter the Hero...or is he? Clay Blaisdell: the lone gunslinger with a dark past. Enter the Villain...which one: is it the miners on strike who threaten to engulf the entire town of Warlock into its namesake of war; a war against capitalism itself in forms, and at times. Is the villain the town doctor who takes up their cause? Is the villain the masochistic Tom Morgan, who is more than what he seems and ,yet, even more than that... Perhaps it is the Regulators who are consolidated after the miner's strike and the catalyst of events in the first third of the novel, led by Abe McQouon(forgive my mispelling) and his cadre of assassins whose Libertarian attitudes are in direct clash, with, the town's people who establish a committee and liberally enact a code of law, of posting, of death; augmented further by the addition of the citizen one, Kate Dollar, who also has a past...which is the true villain? Enter the protagonist, Bud Gannon; complete with the stoicism of the old western sheriff of lore, and lessened by his all too human nature and balancing of justice's pendulum, he is at odds with the Town, the Miners, the Regulators, Morgan, and potentially even the new Marshall himself, Blaisdell. Ranked highly by cult legend Thomas Pynchon, and for good reason, this novel has it all: satire of politics and relationships, violence, and some serious thinking points if you can get past the dreadful (it is meant to be so...) scenery of the old west. A precursor to the incredible Blood Meridian, but with punctuated sentences and easily translatable structure, this novel is as good as any western gets; quite incredibly so. If you are of an intellectual affinity than the journals of the town merchant will satiate your thirst for five dollar words.

  • Outstanding read. Great, complex and finely drawn characters. A favorite of the young Kesey and Pynchon both, if I'm not mistaken. And if so (or not) for good reason. Awesome.

  • The story of how the Wild West really was and how people behaved back then and how they still behave. A thought for the reader is that not everything and everyone is good and bad. Nothing is black and white there is is a large number amount of grey. Peoples motivation is typically selfish and self serving.