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» » The Osterman Weekend: A Novel
The Osterman Weekend: A Novel

The Osterman Weekend: A Novel

Robert Ludlum
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4.7 of 5
Bantam (April 1, 1984)
Action and Adventure
In Zurich . . . in Moscow . . . in Washington, D.C. . . . the machinery has already been set in motion. In a quiet suburb, an odd assortment of men and women gather for a momentous weekend. At stake is nothing less than the very existence of the United States of America—and, with it, the future of the entire free world.   Praise for Robert Ludlum and The Osterman Weekend   “Shattering . . . [The Osterman Weekend] will cost you the night and the cold hours of the morning.”The Cincinnati Enquirer   “Ludlum stuffs more surprises into his novels than any other six-pack of thriller writers combined.”The New York Times   “Powerhouse momentum . . . as shrill as the siren on the prowl car.”—Kirkus Reviews   “A complex scenario of inventive double-crossing.”Chicago Sun-Times
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7 Reviews
  • Clearly it wasn't unenjoyable since I read it in a single night, but compared to Ludlum's later writing or Clancy's stuff, this story seemed almost childish. Not polished writing at all, and very different from his first novel The Scarlatti Inheritance. While that was very slow and measured in it's plotting this was extremely frenetic. The difference is so glaring it's almost as if he reacted to some negative criticisms of that novel and did a complete 180.
    But as I said, it wasn't bad, just very unpolished. The story was even a little more unbelievable than most novels of this type and there were quite a few inconsistencies that the author chalked up to coincidence in order to explain the red herrings sprinkled throughout. Definitely not one i'd ever give a second read, but that's the case with most if not all "airplane" novels. It served it's purpose and entertained me for a few hours without making me regret the time spent.
    As a final note, the kindle version was absolutely appalling with the number of typos present. They aren't uncommon in kindle versions as everything is transcribed with software that started out bad and has slowly gotten better and usually they don't bother me. But they were so bad and numerous in this book that I often wondered if there weren't entire sections of text missing. But since that has nothing to do with the author's work it's not reflected in my rating. Just something I vainly hope amazon will take note of and correct. I won't hold my breath.

  • A good story with interesting characters . Long term friendships of 4 couples are not what they seemed to be. When 3 of the couple's share a secret financial investment of questionable legal status leads to CIA involvement, plots within plots lead to the . The destruction of friendships. The true identity of omega was revealed near the end. A long-term bond of friendship between 4families was destroyed in one weekend..

  • This book was a little slow developing. But in the end a good read. The characters didn't really mesh till the end .Carl C

  • Boring, disconnected and confusing story line. I rarely fast forward thru my kindle looking for a interesting part.I never found one in this book.

  • My husband likes anything by Robert Ludlum. We used to have in hardback and he has been asking and asking so I just downloaded them all to his Kindle.

  • Superb Cold War spy novel!

  • I love Robert Ludlum's work....in this genre, he was a master. I read Osterman Weekend because I had long ago seen the film, which I enjoyed. The book, of course, was that much better.

  • One of twenty five books by Robert Ludlum that I have read at least twice. It is stored in my Kindle so I can read it again.