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Ice Run (Alex McKnight Series)

Ice Run (Alex McKnight Series)

Jim Bond,Steve Hamilton
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4.9 of 5
Brilliance Audio; Unabridged edition (June 10, 2004)
Alex McKnight is in love. Even though he met Natalie Reynaud, an officer from the Ontario Provincial Police, under difficult circumstances, they share a common bond of solitude, as well as the same nightmare - they’re both cops who buried their partners. It’s Alex’s first real relationship in years, which in some ways is terrifying. But Natalie has her own fears to deal with - and her own secrets. They brave a violent snowstorm to spend the night together in a historic hotel in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. There, they meet a mysterious old man who seems to know a lot about Natalie - and about her family. But they won’t be getting any answers from him - he’ll be found frozen to death in a snowbank the very next morning. From this single incident, an old blood feud will be reignited, one going back decades to an event buried in her family’s past - an event that even now can still drive men to kill each other. As much as Natalie doesn’t want Alex to become entangled in this web of lies and hatred, there’s no way he can let her face this danger alone. This is a man who has gotten beaten up, shot at, and even dragged behind a snowmobile, all because he’s a sucker for a friend in need. How much further will he go for love?
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7 Reviews
  • I don't rate many books with five stars, but "Ice Run" by Steve Hamilton deserves every one of them. This book, Hamilton's sixth in the Alex McKnight series is filled with action, adventure, and mystery. It picks up where "Blood Is The Sky." Alex's budding romantic relationship with Natalie Reynaud of the Ontario Provincial Police gets off to a rocky start when murder intrudes. Natalie's passive-aggressive attitude leaves the reader wondering if she's leading him on, protecting him, lying to him, or perhaps luring him in for more trouble than he can handle. Before the story ends, McKnight travels the snowy roads of Michigan's upper peninsula and Canada's frigid interior to unravel a mystery that goes back to 1929 and involves secrets kept by families on both sides of the border.

    I like the McKnight character... he's human. He's at times hot-headed and unsure of himself; he loses things, fumbles, and makes mistakes. Be he can always be counted on to help his friends... no matter what. And for those reasons, I look forward to his next adventure.

  • This is a story about a middle aged, sex starved man who has a crush on a Canadian woman police officer. Disregarding the advice of his friends, he chases around the country through ice storms, snow storms, wind storms, etc.. He is beaten several times, but still he perseveres on like a modern day superman. This is NOT one of Hamilton's better books. I was thinking about starting his other series, but now I'm not sure.

    The description of the snowstorms is good.

  • There is a somewhat tedious amount of long distance driving in it, but otherwise this is a gripping, well-written book full of interesting characters. I am a Steve Hamilton fan, so I tend to like everything he writes, and that is because the main characters are real, engaging, and as prone to folly as any other human being. And the UP is a main character, as well, and equally fully developed as a force in the action of the books.

  • I read every one of the Alex McKnight novels this past winter and loved them all. This is one of my favorite series. You feel like you are actually right there on the Upper Peninsula with the characters and can almost feel the cold. There is a very strong sense of place in addition to being great readsI couldn't put these books down and wish there were many, many more.

  • We love Steve Hamilton can't wait for his next book.

  • Ice Run: An Alex McKnight Novel by Steve Hamilton was one I decided to read after loving his most recent work, The Lock Artist, which was more literary than this crime series he is best known for.
    Alex McKnight is a retired cop living in Paradise, Michigan. He has recently become involved with, Natalie, a police officer in Canada. Alex was to go visit Natalie, but because of a terrible snow storm, they decide to meet halfway in Sault Ste Marie. They have a strange run-in with an elderly man who leaves his hat full of snow in front of their hotel room with a note stating "I know who you are". Neither Alex nor Natalie knows this man and they never get to ask him what he meant as he is found frozen outside the next day. Alex starts snooping around and realizes the note was meant for Natalie.

    I'm not sure what to make of this book. It wasn't very action packed but was well-written with a complicated plot. But I found that the mystery was not something I cared very much about once all was revealed at the end. I think I decided to read this because I have a penchant for reading books set in cold weather when it is winter. Weird, I know. Also, I loved The Lock Artist (review pending). I think this is another series I might try again but through the library.
    my rating 3.5/5

  • I enjoy having these Alex McKnight stories for light reading. The writing itself isn't a big deal, it's all about the stories, which are fun and twisty enough to keep you interested.

  • Can wait for the next one! It'll be a sad day when I get to the end of this series.