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Fox Evil

Fox Evil

Minette Walters
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4.8 of 5
Allen & Unwin; Unabridged edition edition (2002)
Thrillers and Suspense
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Minette Walters's ninth novel, Fox Evil, set in the seemingly bucolic English countryside, establishes a blistering new standard for contemporary suspense. When elderly Ailsa Lockyer-Fox is found dead in her garden, dressed only in nightclothes and with bloodstains on the ground near her body, the finger of suspicion points at her wealthy husband, Colonel James Lockyer-Fox. A coroner's investigation deems it death by natural causes, but the gossip surrounding James refuses to go away. Friendless and alone, James and his reclusive behavior begins to alarm his attorney, whose concern deepens when he discovers that his client has become the victim of a relentless campaign accusing him of far worse than the death of his wife. James is unwilling to fight the allegations, choosing instead to devote his energies to a desperate search for the illegitimate granddaughter who may prove his savior as he battles for his name-and his life.
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7 Reviews
  • I have now read 6 of Walters books. They have been from good to outstanding. I am buying this copy for a friend because I already loaned out my personal copy. The British call her the "Queen of Mystery's" and the title is well deserved. She has won multiple awards in England, France and the USA. Although this book starts with a dead body of an elderly woman and goes on to show a family that has broken into parts like a puzzle (even with missing parts... etc.) - this is not formula mystery by any means. Walters is a fine writer and one could use both "literature and mystery" to describe her contribution to the genre. Each book stands alone (sorry Jack Reacher) and her use of direct story telling and information presented from trial, letters, newspapers etc. flow better than any other mystery/thriller writers I know. She does not use smoke and mirrors to sneak into a finished book, but rather introduces you to a complex tale that makes you read carefully. Don't speed read her book... take time to feel the flow of words into thoughts and into well written chapters of intrigue and human flaws. I highly recommend this book to readers. If you like to follow the writer's books from the beginning of her career... try Ice House or The Sculptress (very dark).

  • Previous reviews have covered the plot outline quite thoroughly, so no need for me to do that. I just wanted to voice my opinion that I totally enjoyed this book, aside from the fact that I started it as bedtime reading and ended up staying up to 3AM to finish it. I haven't said that about a mystery in quite a while. Granted, fans of Walters' earlier books may be disappointed by the lighter tone she uses in "Fox Evil", but I was completely satisfied with the characters interactions, the plot, the ending, the quality of the writing. Those who love the "English village" style of mysteries and shun the gruesome will find this a delightfully fresh adaptation....no Miss Marples (not that I don't enjoy her in the right mood). Only warning is references to animal cruelty, but Walters did not beat you over the head with it and for those who avoid brutality in mysteries, those passages are easy to gloss over. I was left at the end wondering how the cast of protagonists got on (though there were plenty of hints). I can't remember how long it has been since I cared enough about one character, let alone an ensemble, to wonder about their futures. I even wondered about what happens to some of the "bad" chacters. "Fox Evil" is not "The Sculptress" or "The Scold's Bridle", but I bet there are many who would enjoy it.

  • Walters is an imaginative writer and keeps the interest strong until the end.


  • Kind of weird........not Walters' best book, and this is the 10th one of hers I've read. I didn't have trouble getting through it, but I've read better.

  • OK. but somewhat difficult to keep characters straight. Also a little overdone.

  • Awesome!

  • I was surprised I did not like it. I normally love her books. I could not even finish it. Too bad.