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» » The Good Psychologist: A Novel
The Good Psychologist: A Novel

The Good Psychologist: A Novel

Noam Shpancer
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4.5 of 5
Henry Holt and Co.; 1 edition (August 3, 2010)
Thrillers and Suspense

"Noam Shpancer portrays the oft-hidden world of psychotherapy with unparalleled authenticity, compassion, and wit . . . An astonishing debut."—Jonathan Kellerman

Noam Shpancer's stunning debut novel opens as a psychologist reluctantly takes on a new client—an exotic dancer whose severe anxiety is keeping her from the stage. The psychologist, a solitary professional who also teaches a lively night class, helps the client confront her fears. But as treatment unfolds, her struggles and secrets begin to radiate onto his life, upsetting the precarious balance in his unresolved relationship with Nina, a married former colleague with whom he has a child—a child he has never met. As the shell of his detachment begins to crack, he suddenly finds himself too deeply involved, the boundary lines between professional and personal, between help and harm, blurring dangerously.

With its wonderfully distinctive narrative voice, rich with humor and humanity, The Good Psychologist leads the reader on a journey into the heart of the therapy process and beyond, examining some of the fundamental questions of the soul: to move or be still; to defy or obey; to let go or hold on.

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7 Reviews
  • Is there a specific topic that the book deals with?
    Self-Help through a novel

    For what readership is it written?
    Anyone interested in the day in the life of a psychologist’s professional life (Self-Help without your knowledge) with a mixture of personal entanglement

    Did you have any preconceived notions of the topic?
    I thought this would be your typical how to be a good psychologist but turned into so much more. A Self-Help guide, and Psych 101 manual, love affair tale, and growing old with/without grace. What magnificent way to combine such varying notion into one novel. And it almost seem inconsiderate to call it a novel when it is so much more. And the term novel is so deceiving…

    Did I like this book?
    Favorite of the past couple of years. It kept my attention, it perked my interest in human behavior, the analogies are enlightening, and more so a little self-help ant hurt nobody. I can see how people say that the main client is a tad bit cliché, but look past that and identify the detail and similarities to just life in general. So amazing twist into human behavior and what people are willing to do in the name of lust in which we have diluted ourselves into thinking its love.

    Will you like this book?
    Interesting… If you are into psychology, therapy, self-help, with a twist absolutely. To enjoy it as a novel alone may be asking a lot, because the detail to theories, processes, and practices.

    Will I read more by these authors?
    Absolutely without a doubt!

  • I had a hard time deciding between 3 and 4 stars. I settled on 4 stars based on how well the book delivered on what I was wanting to get out of it. I went into The Good Psychologist looking for some insightful psychology and therapy concepts presented in a manner that makes them more enjoyable and accessible. I felt that The Good Psychologist does this very well.

    From the perspective of a simply reading this for the story, I would rate this a 3. I did feel as though the story was somewhat unresolved at the end but also felt that it was appropriate for this book.

  • I enjoyed the insights into the world of Psychology. I had no idea the sheer number of theories and methods. As a math teacher I liked that there were steps to be practiced by the patient in order to succeed..........it wasn't just "talking about it" on the couch. However, I did not like the self absorbtion of the Psychologist..........too much focus on very tiny details, then going on and on about it.

  • It was alright.... could have been more to the story, somewhat disappointing. Donated it to the local library when I finished reading it

  • I can't say I agree with some of his methods - after all, he cannot "physician, heal thyself" - after his divorce, he sees friendless and too hurt to move forward. Although he is aware that he should drop his old baggage and move on to a new beginning. It seems. we think we know what other people should do to solve their problems and at the same time, we have difficulty behaving in the same way we expect others to do easily.
    I think the author succeeds in making the reader face his or her opinions, beliefs and judgments and contrast them to those of the psychologist. I think the reader with no background in psychology can enjoy the book as a character study of the man. However, i believe that your knowledge and experience with psychotherapy enriches your reading and challenges you to validate your assumptions about therapy, in general. Once again, the reader is reminded of how complex and intriguing
    humans are! I can't wait to discuss how "good" the psychologist is with my book club.

  • Ir

    Excellent book ,deep , interesting, and useful . I am looking forward to read more books by noam shpancer

  • Interesting. Attention getter, educational as well as a great story.

  • Excellent