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» » The Santaroga Barrier
The Santaroga Barrier

The Santaroga Barrier

Frank Herbert
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4.5 of 5
Berkley (March 15, 1977)
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7 Reviews
  • I have read this book on every vacation since discovering it in the 80's. Sadly, my original copy was destroyed when I lost everything in a fire. I can still see the mustard smear from the sandwich I ate while vacationing at Joe Wheeler State Park, the coke stain from a spilled drink onboard a plane headed for D.C. to visit my daughter and the slight crinkle of the pages when I was caught in a sudden shower on the beach at Gulf Shores. When it came time to replace it, I opted for the electronic copy so I would never lose it again. What an amazing book!!! I discovered this after reading the Dune series and rate it #1 in Herbert's novels for re-readability! A true gem.

  • Let's face it, "Dune" is fascinating, but there's not a whole lot of fun to be found in its pages. And the follow-ups to "Dune" weren't anywhere near as good as the first book.

    But "The Santaroga Barrier" - yes, it's pretty cheesy, as at least one reviewer has noted - but it's a terrific, fun read. Much closer to something Stephen King might have written than the pompous interplanetary muck of "Dune" et al. The small town, the paranoia, the engagingly thick-headed, stubborn, but fundamentally decent hero; the blindsight on the part of the townspeople about themselves; the savage accuracy of Herbert's description of "normal" consumer culture; it's all a great mix. The only Herbert book I've read that approaches it as a quick, clever read is "Whipping Star." (I didn't like "The Dosadi Experiment" nearly as well, though it was OK.)

    For years my only copy of this book has been a paperback with the glue completely gone and all the pages separated. I'm so glad I looked to find out if it had been reissued. This book is a treasure, and one of those few - like "Emma" by Jane Austen, "Daniel Martin" by John Fowles, or "The Honorary Consul" by Graham Greene - that I'll delight in rereading periodically for the rest of my life.

  • It's not his greatest work, but it's excellent nonetheless. There was clearly a transition from sounding "literary" to a more accessible prose that happened over the course of Herbert's writing. This seems to fall more towards the "literary" type prose. In all, the concept and the flow of the story were excellent. I'm glad I read it, but I probably won't be reading it again soon, as I have for The Dosadi Experiement and the "Kelp" books.

  • Science Fiction by Frank Herbert. I don't need to write anymore than that. I wouldn't want to ruin any part of the book for you.

  • An amazing book, filled with the elaboration and detail of a bygone era. The audio version took me back to a time where my grandparents would've gathered around the radio as their story came on. The detail and style of writing is better than almost any I've ever seen, and the story itself nuanced and filled with cliffhangers.

  • I read this in University and remember it being one of the best books in the Science Fiction course I was taking. However, it is dated. Much more of a mystery novel than a science fiction tale. Would have made a great Movie of The Week. Although I doubt they would have had such concentration on altered states of mind.

  • I read this ages ago and wanted to re-read it and share it with a friend. The book was as described and delivered in a timely manner.

  • Stay with this. Awesome. Just as relevant today as when first written! ...... That is all I have to say.