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Point Blanc (Alex Rider)

Point Blanc (Alex Rider)

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When an investigation into a series of mysterious deaths leads agents to an elite prep school for rebellious kids, MI6 assigns Alex Rider to the case. Before he knows it, Alex is hanging out with the sons of the rich and powerful, and something feels wrong. These former juvenile delinquents have turned well-behaved, studious—and identical—overnight. It’s up to Alex to find out who is masterminding this nefarious plot, before they find him.
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7 Reviews
  • My daughter loves to read. She really likes Alex Rider books after reading a few from our local library. I bought her the Alex Rider DVD for Christmas which was a suprise to her as she didn't even know there was a DVD for Alex Rider until the week before Christmas. She found the first, 6th, and 7th books at an Ollie's outlet Store and we have been using the rest of the set as fill-ins to get Super Saver Shippings for other products we order from Amazon. Soon, she will have the full set, then we will move on to the next set of books she wants to use as fill-ins. I have read these books as well and they are very captivating and hold your attention and you cannot wait until you see what is happening next! Great mystery for even the younger (ages 8 and up) readers who like mysteries that are not extremely scary, but that keep you captivated and wanting more.

  • This was a most interesting, well-told and well-drawn story. It's only the second of the series I've seen (the other being STORMBREAKER, the original). Of course, I shouldn't have been surprised by the essentially unrealistic premise or the classic monologuing (sp.?) of the mad villain, but I was pleasantly surprised by the other twists and turns of the plot (which are, no pun intended, chilling in various ways). Alex nearly buys the farm more than once (one of the times being when he finds himself overmatched as a martial artist by the chief villainess), but it's good to have good friends around at such times.

    "Most schoolboys dream of being a spy. Alex is a spy who dreams of being a schoolboy." Well said, Mr. Stuffy MI6 Director. :) And we find out by the end just how true that is - Alex comes to a turning point in his mind about his destiny, however long that state of mind lasts.

  • Some interesting plot ideas, but I still think this author's style is way too simple -- teens and children can process much more than this. Look at Robert Louis Stevenson, Kipling, Dickens. Children will live down to what is expected of them. Also interesting to note, ideas from this book seem to have been combined with/substituted into the Alex Rider movie of the first book.

    There are occasional moments where a very cool personality for Alex comes through, and it would have been nice for there to be more of these. I love that Alex speaks up for himself a little against the people who exploit him, and is not fooled by pretty much anyone. (Especially by spoiled, homicidal rich bee-otches.) Fun, but it could be so much better.

  • I am 38 years old, but I have a young cousin who has read all the Alex Rider books, and I decided to read them myself so that the two of us would have something to talk about the next time he visits.

    Having read all of the original James Bond novels by Ian Fleming, I am amused by how Anthony Horowitz continues paying homage to Fleming. This time around, Horowitz clearly models Point Blank on Fleming's On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Both books are set in an isolated mountaintop hideaway from which the villains carry out their evil and elaborate plots, and both books contain narrow escapes, exciting downhill chase sequences, and over-the-top action. Both books are also a lot of fun. I can see why my cousin enjoys them.

    While I liked the first Alex Rider book (Stormbreaker), I think I enjoyed Point Blank more. The story seemed to move along faster, especially the last half. The violence, though tame by adult fiction standards, continues to surprise me but not in a negative sense. This is an action/adventure series, after all.

    I don't want to give anything away, so I will simply say that I liked the ending, which sets up some interesting villainous possibilities for future books in the series. Could Dr. Hugo Grief become Alex Rider's own version of Fleming's Blofeld? Certainly Eva Stellenbosch, Dr. Grief's right-hand gal, bears some similarities to Blofeld's long-time companion and co-conspirator, Irma Bunt (both women are noted as being especially ugly and completely devoted to their men).

    I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

  • My 12 year old loves these books, will probably buy the whole series.

  • Fast Shipping and Quality Product ... My Kids love this author and series

  • purchased this as a requirement for my sons school. Arrived on time and was as expected

  • Teen sons favorate author and series. Not a disappointing title in the bunch according to 18 year old son. He does say, however, that he does not agree with the recommended 10 yrs and up reader due to some heavy topics and descriptions including young teen hero such as: Russian Roulette, descriptive deaths, weapons, etc. Older teens and up better choice.