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» » The Alchemist : A Fable About Following Your Dream (Thorsons Audio)
The Alchemist : A Fable About Following Your Dream (Thorsons Audio)

The Alchemist : A Fable About Following Your Dream (Thorsons Audio)

Paulo Coelho
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4.6 of 5
Harpercollins Pub Ltd (July 31, 2000)
New Age and Spirituality
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7 Reviews
  • I picked up a copy of this book because my students were reading it for their English class and I like to throw them off by slipping literary references into Algebra class. I figured it was a short book, it wouldn't take along time, and it would give me a sense for what they were learning in their other classes (and maybe spark some cross-curricular ideas!)

    Oh man, was that a mistake. It didn't do any of those things (and apparently kids these days don't actually read their summer reading, what a shame). Instead, I fell deeply in love with this book and have read it three times in the last two years. It's the kind of book that works on more than one level - you have your hero who goes on an adventure, learning from a wise mentor, hitting roadblocks, coming to know himself and the world around him before realizing that his true treasure was in himself all along, and if that's all you get out of the book, then that's fine, but there's more going on here.

    The difficulty of the book is figuring out what that more is. The book constantly suggests and hints at lessons that seem at once a comment on ethics and metaphysics, history and anthropology, post-colonialist critique and folk fairy tale. Biblical allusions abound next to Islamic lessons on the nature of God while institutions and mysticism are equally likely to be evoked and revoked. There's always the sense as you read that there is something lingering under the surface, but the minute that you try to grab it (or write it in a review) it seems to disappear.

    That seems to be the point of the book, that the message is clear if you read it without trying to grab it. Hold it loosely and it comes easily, try to describe it and it flits away. The book is allusive; it works on you without seeming to, and at the end you're left both satisfied as the adventure concludes and also wanting more, or perhaps wanting to do more. Perhaps that's why I like this book so much - it doesn't yield its secrets easily, or perhaps it yields it too easily, and you finish wondering where your heart and your treasure lie and what your personal legend might be. I imagine that this book might say more about its reader than its text: when you know your own heart and your own journey well enough, perhaps this will only remain a passing, although enjoyable fairy tale.

  • I purchased and began reading this book 2 years ago and, for whatever reason, I couldn't get into it. I found it incredibly dull and tedious and finally gave up halfway through.

    A few weeks ago I took my mother to a dental appointment and opened my Kindle to see what I had available while I waited. I decided to give this book another try and started from the beginning, as I couldn't remember anything from what I read previously. I'm not sure what was different this time around, but I was completely engrossed and my 2 hour wait flew by! I continued to read whenever I found a chance and finished it within a few days. I now find myself constantly thinking of the story and relating it to my own life, as well as my friends and family.

    It's a short and very simple story, but definitely worth reading!

  • So, I'm on a part of my life right now where I'm 25. A year fresh after graduating, and have a new found love and appreciation for books. I'm in such a place where I'm trying to discover what I am supposed to do. I'm a spiritual person, and I really felt that this book is talking to me. I'm sure everyone would resonate differently with the book. But the theme and the message is there.

    I'm not done reading it yet, but when I started. I read like the first 80 pages nonstop. Really soak in the message and lessons. I can't wait to finish this book.


    So, I finally finished the book. And wow, never would have I thought, a book would have such an impact on me. It's a simple tale but filled with lessons if you are seeking it. I read it in like 3 sittings. I'm not much of a reader and just starting to appreciate it, and I am glad this was one of the books I read. Love it.

  • To put it simply, this book changed my life. The author is overtly religious, and even though I am not, I admire the messages of this story in my own way. I think that this book would have had a profound influence on me no matter what state (good or bad) my life was in when I read it, and I would recommend it to anyone. There were many parts that I read over two or three times -- not because I didn't understand, but I was so amazed that I found myself wanting to experience a passage again.
    The vendor that I purchased from, Bullet's' Bonanza's, was extremely kind and professional, including a personal note in the package. I would gladly do business with them again.

  • This is literally where it all began, my story intertwined so thoroughly with that of the young sheepherder that I was mesmerized and unable to put it down. If you look through my purchase list you will see I didn't stop here - I became obsessed with Paulo Coelho's work and have purchased almost all of his writings. This is my go to gift for all friends, acquaintances, and family members. Words that can be cherished a lifetime and continually brought back to throughout your journey. Do not hesitate to purchase this. SERIOUSLY! If you are on this page considering, BUY IT NOW. It will awaken pieces of you that you are certainly ready for. Welcome to the journey :)