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Captive Angel

Captive Angel

Deana James
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Zebra (December 1, 1988)
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3 Reviews
  • I do not think this was a one star book but we all don't think alike. Caroline Gillard had been married. For ten years.She had lost her last child two years and just could not get over the depression. Her husband Hunter got tired of her and working the South Carolina tobacco farm. He comes to her and tells her he is leaving her. He is going to sail the seas again. She finds out he is taking her son and his mistress. She does everything to stop him .He was not a nice person he had his son called his mistress Aunt. She was married to and left her husband. They are only gone for two months when he finds out a hurricane has hit South Carolina . He does not know if Fancy his wife is dead or alive.He comes back to Boston still with the mistress He is going to sail out again with his mistress. Fancy is there with her mother . Hunter and Fancy bed each other.again. I did not see why he needed a mistress . He and Fancy had very intense sexual relations. She finds out that the mistress is still with him .She leaves hiim after they had intense sex. He is furious he is going to get her back and make her pay. The mistress is determined he is not going back to his wife. Fancy is on her stolen ship and Hunter sailing behind her. A lot more happens, Pirates, treasure found and lost. Hunter lied about his relationship up till the proof was before everyone eyes. You won't get bored with this book a lot happened other than what I have described . I could not find a sequel that the other reviewer wrote about.

  • I have never hated a book's male lead character as much as I hated Hunter. He was absolutely repulsive, he not only had no regard for his wife's feelings but also his mistress', Jessica (granted I didn't feel any sympathy for her. I thought she was trash like Hunter). He used her and lied to both her and his wife. I hated how Jessica was the only one to face consequences for her actions. He on the other hand lost nothing, everything worked out for him in the end. As far as I'm concerned, the h didn't get a HEA, she got a sad ending.

    Since I didn't get the ending I wanted (Hunter's boat sinking in the middle of the ocean and only the son surviving), in my imagination, Hunter dies shortly after the story ends and karma pays Jessica a visit.

    The only thing I liked about this book was the h's mother giving Jessica a harsh dose of reality regarding Hunter. She wasn't gentle at all when breaking the news that Hunter hadn't been truthful. It's too bad Hunter didn't get a reality check about forgiveness. The last time he sees his mistress, he thinks to himself about how she's forgiving unlike his wife. During that scene, I thought to myself, of course she's more forgiving, moron...she's not the one whose husband took her child and ran off with his mistress. I kind of wish they had interacted after she found out the truth and got her heart broken, I wonder how forgiving she would have been then.

  • I liked this book mainly for the heroine. She was not going to put up with the husbands actions. He was a real jerk and didn't deserve the heroine. If you liked this book do not read the sequel. Very disappointing!