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» » Just Let Me Play: The Story of Charlie Sifford, the First Black Pga Golfer
Just Let Me Play: The Story of Charlie Sifford, the First Black Pga Golfer

Just Let Me Play: The Story of Charlie Sifford, the First Black Pga Golfer

Charlie Sifford
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British Amer Pub Ltd (May 1, 1992)
The first black golfer on the PGA tells of the consistent battles he has waged against bigotry in the exclusive world of golf and tells how his courage has opened the sport to a new generation of blacks.
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7 Reviews
  • Charlie has always been a class act and I met him when I was 15 and met him again at Sleep Hollow in Cleveland, Ohio when I was 32 years old. At the age of 15, I had the privileged of playing with Joe Louis and Charlie Sifford at Gleason Park in Gary, Inidiana. It was a match set-up by a older buddy for money. My buddies name was John Jamison, who was five years older and a great player, but very cocky. We were introduced to Charles Luther by Joe Louis and in 1979 when living in Cleveland, Ohio, I met Charlie again and found out why we got our butts beat, his last name was Sifford.

    The book is outstanding and covers the lives of the great singer, Billy Eckstein who Charlie Sifford traveled with throughout the United States and Joe Louis the boxer who Howard Wheeler, traveled with and gave Joe golf lessons. At about the time I first met Charlie, he was Joe Louis's traveling pro. At the same time, Charlie was beginning to enter professional white tournaments. At that time Howard and Charlie could only play in tournaments held by the UGA (United Golf Association) and those not involved with the PGA of America.

    The book gives you a good look at the PGA and the bureaucracy that existed back then and perhaps still today.

  • Good memoir, felt as if I was sitting in front him, as he told his story how the treatment of golf treated African Americans from post WWII thru the early 1990's.

  • I already had this book and purchased it as a gift for someone who did me a golf favor, so to speak, a new friend, a Black American man of considerable power and love of golf who was unfamiliar with this book. Now out of print I had to buy a pre-owned copy and it fit the bill. Well worth a read to see what some of these true gentle men from another era tolerated and endured. Tiger Woods cannot compare to these men, he has the talent but not the maturity nor seemingly the respect for those that have gone before him. Charlie Sifford and the other gentlemen he knew had to settle for proverbial scraps, my full respect and admiration goes to all of them chronicled here. Just one *SPOILER* - he endured elegibility rule changes at the Masters clearly intended to prevent him from playing in the tournament everyone grovels about and showed character and restraint. Very highly recommended.

  • Charlie Sifford is probably one of the greatest golfers of all time. Without a lesson in his life and crap for equipment, he scores in the mid - low 60's, and they won't let him play. I re-read it - such a good story.

  • Was in great shape upon arrival, although used. Signed by author - makes it even more special. Thanks. Shipped fast.

  • I love reading about African-American History that wasn't taught in the schools. You find out that African-Americans contributed a lot to America but was never talked about or sweep under the rug. Definitely would recommend!!!

  • I have reviewed several books on blacks in golf today and frankly Charlie "Thanks so very much"! To play by the rules and develop
    your game and as it gets better the rules keep upgrading to keep you out. Being a walking scorer for the PGA, I am indebted to Shelly and Bob Tway for giving me a chance to be a scorer. I am a witness to how it is on the other side. Jamie PGA Walking Scorer and WEA Rep NYC!

  • the story was very descriptive to the history of African Americans challenges to just play golf on an even field. My sense of respect to Charlie and the host of players, that remained determined to remove the barriers, are deep. Thanks Charlie and your peers.